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Special Exhibition 「March of Craftsmen」

People in Kyoto always have strong connection with traditional crafts through daily activities, religions and rituals. Traditional crafts are indispensable tools and essential elements in decorations. In traditional industry, countless numbers of craftsmen strive everyday for advanced techniques, and those techniques have been passed down from generations to generations. This cycle never ends and this is how and why traditional industry continues to survive in Kyoto.

Special Exhibition「March of Craftsmen」introduces promising 21 traditional craftsmen in various forms like an exhibition and demonstrations. Tools and materials are exhibited in the booth that we attempted to recreate their actual working space. This exhibition invites visitors to experience craftsmanship in different categories like Yuzen dyeing, Lacquerware, Ceramics, Folding fans, and so forth.

You will learn and experience how each of those 21 traditional craftsmen devotes their skills and enthusiasm to the future of the traditional industry.

We are looking forward to your visits in March!

Time9:00 ~ 17:00
(Last Admission at 16:30)

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