Introductory images of Kyoto traditional industries are displayed at the entrance. The wall gallery regularly exhibits various craft works. At the counter, visitors can collect information about traditional industries’ museums from all over Japan.

74CRAFTS WALL ”permanent exhibition”

74 CRAFTS WALL is the largest display wall in Japan which exhibits all the 74 categories of Kyoto traditional crafts. Touch panel displays provide detailed item descriptions and images of production processes, which allow visitors to engage with each exhibit.

MOCAD gallery

At the MOCAD gallery, visitors can genuinely feel Kyoto craftsmanship in various forms through events and special exhibitions organized by local associations of traditional crafts.

74CRAFTS EXHIBITION ”permanent exhibition”

74 CRAFTS EXHIBITION offers an interactive experience for visitors. By introducing craft production processes, materials and tools used in craft making, works and activities of craftsmen and craft demonstrations in various categories, 74 CRAFTS EXHIBITION assists visitors in learning more about 74 traditional crafts of Kyoto.

Special Exhibition Room

This room is a space for discovery of new talents in the field of traditional industries via temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions, which are held three or four times a year, introduce not only traditional craft works, but also new forms of crafts that are made using modern innovative techniques, as well as new artisans who represent the future of crafts. Visitors are invited to take part in craft workshops and to deepen their knowledge about Kyoto craftsmanship from the artisans themselves during various craft demonstrations.

Material Library

Material Library archives contain an impressive amount of information on materials and techniques in traditional crafts. Material library assists visitors to search for materials and create new business opportunities. A registered company can use the facility for business meetings and team discussions (*Company’s registration is required).


Museum shop offers comprehensive range ofinnovative yet somewhat nostalgic products. Product mix is not limited to traditional craft items that preserve authentic culture, but also includes utensils for everyday life, interior goods and accessories. Through those products, you can feel exceptionally sophisticated techniques that Kyoto proudly shows to the world.