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Notice of Closing Days

Kyoto Museum of Craft and Design is closed on certain days.
Please check in advance when visiting the museum.

【2023 Year Temporary closing days】

Monday,10th April
Monday,24th April
Monday, 29th May
Monday,12th June
Monday, 26th June
Monday,10th July
Monday,24th July
Monday,14th August
Monday,28th August
Monday,11th September
Monday,25th September
Monday,23th October
Monday,13th November
Monday,27th November
Monday,11th December
Monday,25th December
Monday,29th January 2024
Monday,26th February 2024
Monday,11th March 2024
Monday,25th March 2024

・Summer holidays “For maintenance work”
The museum will be closed from August 22 to 31 for summer holidays.

・Winter holidays
The museum will be closed from December 29 to January 3 for winter holidays.