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Cooling With Colours : Kyoto Refreshing Exhibition

Kyoto summer is well-known not only for its traditional events, such as Gion Festival or Obon Okuribi, but also for its intense heat. To make the heat bearable, Kyoto artisans do their best to create craft items that will have a refreshing feeling about their appearance.

“Cooling With Colours : Kyoto Refreshing Exhibition” presents refreshingly coloured (emerald green, blue, light blue) Kyoto traditional crafts. Please enjoy the delicacy of Kyoto craftsmanship expressed in kimono, ceramics and other cool-looking items.

Time 9:00 ~17:00 (admission until 16:00)
Place Gallery of the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts FUREAIKAN
OrganizerKyoto Traditional Industries Foundation
Joint sponsorKyoto City

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